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Meet Gisa


About Manzanita Berry & Bark 


Welcome to Manzanita Berry and Bark, an online magazine promoting food, foraging, and community connections. At Manzanita Berry and Bark, we organize local workshops on various topics such as foraging, plant and fungi identification, gardening, and homesteading. Additionally, we have an online used bookstore that offers "Once Loved Books" and nature-inspired books by local authors and artists. Thank you for visiting us, and we hope to support and inspire you on your journey.

About the Editor & Founder

Hi there, my name is Gisa Seeholzer. I have a love for writing, foraging, and regenerative agriculture. I'm passionate about using my skills to create a positive social and environmental impact. I am the editor and founder of Manzanita Berry and Bark. An online platform that teaches and inspires people to learn more about food, foraging, and deepening their connections with the local community.


Apart from that, I'm the board president and grant writer for Marigold Farms Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports regenerative farming practices and community collaboration among members. I also contribute informative and engaging articles for Edible Ojai & Ventura County, a magazine that showcases local food businesses. I aim to use my writing and nonprofit skills to contribute to a more regenerative and healthy future for our planet and communities.

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